Why Is It Important to Post Regularly?

When I first get I first get in contact with a potential client I always get asked the same thing, why do I have to have a structure in my posts? I’ve been helping this local agency The answer is simple, consistency is key. Finding the right times to post, with the a simple system can bring back your clients and keep them intrigued by you!

How Often Should I post?

This is a very good question, I would usually say 6 times a day. However the posts have to be made at the right time of the day, for example it is no good posting 5 tweets at 3 in the morning they need to be well spread out. Usually with nice and easy 3 hour gaps, meaning you cover 18 hours in the day. This is a very good amount and could be the different between interesting 5% or 25% of your followers!

A simple structure is – 9:00am, 12:00pm, 3:00pm, etc. Keep it going and you will hit the sweet spots. I keep this structure for Agencies. Then with independent girls, we use a different type of system. We like to post nearly every hour, this way we can gain even more exposure to targeted sites and Adultwork profiles. Meaning there can be vast amounts of lead generation made.



How Can I Post Often?

That is easy! Facebook and Twitter have been around for nearly 10 years, this means there has been plenty of times for kick ass tools to be developed. Such as Hootsuite! Which is a personal favourite. You can use this peice of software to:

  • Schedule Posts
  •  Post Pictures
  • Posts
  • Manage Generate Reports
  • Add Platforms
  • Build Audience

I decide to give you a direct link to Hootsuite here! Use it with caution because this tool can be manipulated to spam posts, which can be very bad

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