Define Your Purpose

Take your time to define your goals and purpose to your audience but also do it within your business. Sit around a table and have a meeting about what you want to achieve and how you want to do it. By doing this it will not be hit and miss instead it will all be carefully laid out for you when using twitter for Escort Advertising.

After doing that you need to implement this by  setting values and interacting with real people.  Actually add to the conversation and do not just spam post your escort website to everyone. You are not going to have a good time and twitter and more than likely will not build up a valuable reputation. People will naturally, providing they like your content, follow you and click your links. It takes time and will not happen over night so do not be too pushy.

Always remember as an escort, clients may want to be following because of privacy. But do not let this put you off. Twitter can be used to achieve other goals. Such as meeting new escorts which could possibly join your agency. Remember you do not just need twitter because that is where your customers are. It could also be used as a form of reviewing your escorting service, giving you advice on improvement and address customer issues.