Making The Most of Your Profile

Tips for escorts setting up their profiles!

As a escort making sure your accounts look professional is essential. This can be done by a variety of different ways. The first being making sure that you use authentic pictures of yourself. With this you avoid the chance of leaving a customer being lied to or unhappy because they got something else rather than the girl they thought! This can cause issues with trying to form long term relationships and boost your reputation on sites such as Punternet.

Also if you use these you will seem honest among the market which will give you a lot of attention. Most of all you will get better responses off clients and interested agencies (if independent) Make yourself look different! This will mainly be done by your photos, what customers don’t want to see is lots of similar photos in the same album. Mix it up. Added some where you could be wearing jeans or a summer dress but then have some where you have lingerie or a cocktail dress to show off yourself to your clients. They will love a variety of settings and keep that in mind when choosing you.

This will mainly be becasue they will have faith in that you will dress appropriately for a night on the town or maybe a dinner in with wine. Make your self look fancy! This can be done with your descriptions, you could use words to draw in the person’s attention. This is done by making it look more attractive by maybe using buzz words or words with more complexity. Examples are as follows – dominant, submissive, daddy’s girl. You could also use the slang words such as GFE or OWO. Your profiles should always have good grammar and spelling! Don’t come across silly, men want a smart women so always remember they are going to pay good money for an up town escort! Always stay focused on your client, at the end of the day they are going to be paying for your service. Shows how escorts need to focus Make sure you let them know that you care about them and how they feel. Make sure you take a breathe and be happy! Please stay up to date with our series because this is just the first part! Do not hesitate to leave a comment!