User Name Tips

When choosing a username there is a lot of things to take into account and I can not stress how important it is that you get the right one! You need to remember that your username is their first impression so make sure it is something nice and clean!

choosing a username

Here is an example of a bad user name – escorting4523 No one will remember that and the numbers are meaningless. Try and find something that looks nice and original and in 2014 choosing a twitter name can be hard for example but get something clean I have the username 69socialmedia because a few of mine were taken so I had to go with this.

Big things to keep in m sure you will come accross something.mind when choosing a username:

  1. 123/abc Is a big no no, this is because you will generally have competition with the name without 123 and it is not easy on the eye to look at! E.g – escortinguk123 Just not as nice as it could be.
  2. numeronyms This is where you replace letters with numbers such as escor7ing or escort1ng – It just doesn’t look nice and people may not be able to find you if it is not easy to see!
  3. Do not rush when finding the right username! This is not a smart thing to do because you generally will regret it in the future so slow down and take your time. You will find the right on!.
  4. Do your research! See what your competition have and out beat your competitors!
  5. Make sure it relates to your business and don’t have something that is completely random and doesn’t fit your escorting agency or if you are an independent.

If you like you can also have a look around for programs that check if user names are available, do your research and I a

Additionally you could click here and let me do it all for you!

Also take a look at this video for some help!