What Are The Types Of Dental Extractions

Do you think you might need a dental extraction? As scary as it sounds, the procedure will only get you to a better place. If your dentist or orthodontist has suggested it, you could be worried about the implications and such.

However, there is more to dental extractions than just the pain or results. For starters, if you sought dental extraction in Saint Petersburg or others, they would inform you of the tiny details. So, before you introduce yourself to those, take a look at the two types of dental extractions.

A Simple dental extraction

Can you already guess what a simple dental extraction is? As the name tends to specify, this procedure only involves the superficial kind of tools and equipment. Meaning, the dentists will use their necessary equipment to pull out your problematic tooth or two.

However, a simple dental extraction can only be carried out on the visible teeth. It would be riskier on the teeth that are inaccessible or far back in your mouth. That said, do not work about the pain as your dentist will use local or general anesthesia.

A surgical dental extraction

Unlike a simple dental extraction, a surgical dental extraction is for complicated situations. As the name suggests, it is a much more intricate procedure.

It is either performed when your damaged tooth is inaccessible or critically impacted. You might have to undergo an incision to resolve issues in the connective tissue. Unless that happens, your tooth cannot be removed.

Final Thoughts

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A dental extraction is only recommended when no other procedure seems to work out. That reason is rather apparent; people seldom like to change their natural keeping and smile.

However, in the case of dental extraction procedures, your dentist will make sure to offer you the care you need. If you need to go through the process, it will not be as painful and problematic as you think.